22 December 2011

This should be a 3-fer.

All right I admit I missed another Dressember day. Boo.
Yesterday I was ensconced in the living room making Christmas cards all day--in my sweats--so the only time I actually put on clothes was to go to work that night. Plus, I was feeling sorta under the weather. My sincere apologies, Dressember.
So here are Today and Tuesday's dresses!

Tuesday night we went the The River of Lights in Old Town. They basically cover everything in the Botanical Gardens with Christmas lights. It was really lovely! Kind of reminded me (a liiittle bit) of Disneyland. Also: Irish coffee. Then some Tuesday karaoke to finish off the evening. Woop!

Today was mostly work-related. Then it was off to Beth and James' for Las Posadas, which is a nine day celebration preceding Christmas which is hosted by a different family each night. Basically it's a reenactment of Mary and Joseph's pre-Christmas journey--trying to find a place at the inn. Traditional songs, food, etc. Love.

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