20 October 2008

I love Urban Dictionary.

Designated Texter
Noun. A passenger who reads and replies to any and all text messages received on the drivers phone, thus allowing the driver to focus on the road and not hit anything or get pulled over for reckless driving.

"Woah, that car almost got hit...by OUR car."
"Give me that phone. I'm designated texter from now on."

13 October 2008

Pulled From The Archives:

Tilt your head to the left and watch Veesta beat the pulp out of Melanie. Good stuff!

Trend Hotel
Vienna, Austria

10 October 2008


Dave: I could really go for some OJ right now.
Claire: Or like..waffles.
Dave: Let's go!!!

05 October 2008

I Often Write Poems In Bed.

No One's Woman

A maker of fine fancies,
she'll read your soul then eat your heart for breakfast with toast.

She's the period that ends all your unusual musings.
She's the ellipses that continues them at a later date.

Passing out fliers, tearing out want-ads,
she makes other people seem selfish for wanting her contact information.

She creates delight one finger at a time,
pressing down your weakest yearnings.

A threat to your very humanity,
she is the survivor of the crash that killed her.

4:00 Musings

You are three meals a day.
You are the first measure of my favorite song;
the one where I turn it up and start to belt the lyrics I've memorized.
You are birthday cake
and a walk in bare feet.
You're a sleazy pick-up line created by a clever mind to make me chuckle.
You are a finger tickling me in the exact spot:
"Not there," I said.
Because I knew you'd do it anyway.
You are my favorite thing:
A cup of coffee: one sugar, two creams.

01 October 2008

September Obsessions

Here are just a few of the things I could not get enough of this past September.
Get obsessed:

Planters Heat Peanuts

If it weren't for that gas station right next to LAX with its not-so-extensive snack selections, we would never have found this little bag of delight. We call them Cacahuetes (which actually just means peanuts in Spanish) but if you eat these babies handfulls at a time, I guaratee the rush (or heart palpitations) you'll experience will have you hooked.

Harmour Love
, Syreeta

I recently discovered the movie Junebug (2005), and when this little ditty began to play during the opening credits I had to pause it and run to my computer to open itunes and find out what on earth that adorable song was! Turned out it wasn't something new at all, but rather a song written by Stevie Wonder and his wife at the time, Syreeta Wright, a popular R&B vocalist of the 1970s.
Give it a listen, it's really cute and catchy. This was definitely my song of the month.


Coors Light

Some people call it water with a little bit of beer flavoring. I call it a delicious alcoholic beverage and the giver of headache-free hangovers. However, if you're a guy, I'd suggest acquiring a taste for something a little darker, so your buddies won't mock you. Cheers!

The Book of James

I have been opening my Bible up to the epistle of St. James lately and have really liked what I've found there. I love the encouragement of active love and purity rather than superfluous outward ceremonies, as well as the exaltation of the poor.
Listen, my beloved brothers. Did not God choose those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom that He promised to those who love Him?

Hello Ladies and Gents.