27 December 2011

Merry merry.

My Dressembering has taken another hiatus! Alas, I've been under the weather (STILL) and have spent the past four days or so wrapped in a blanket on the couch watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy, then dragging myself to work and back. Pretty un-photogenic stuff.
However, despite my pathetic state, I enjoyed a lovely Christmas! Some surprise presents from friends on Christmas Eve (massage and facial, anyone?), then two days at Beth and James' house! Smoked salmon, Scrabble, gifts, LOTR, Beth's banana bread, and several "plays" by the kids. (Starring Nathaniel as Joseph, Megan as Mary, Katy as the donkey and Shane as baby Jesus. It doesn't get much better.)

Also: Cat Thing. The newest member of our family. Probably the best thing ever. He has diamond eyes.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely holiday and I wish you many blessings for the new year!

2012: Bring it!

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