05 March 2010


Just Born.

My first memories of morning
a wind I cannot name kissing my face
and speaking a language I do not yet understand.
I am naked and squirming.
Helpless, but not alone.
I do the only thing my body can figure out
and shove air through my lungs
and over my vocal chords
til my voice splits the awed silence
and everyone cries.

01 March 2010

February Obsessions

Here are some of the things that really flipped my switch this past month.

Happy March everyone! And I hope to see a lot more MUSTACHES around town...just saying.

Rita Hayworth
As incredible as it may seem, I had not seen this lady's most well-known film, Gilda (1946), until just this year. My verdict? I couldn't take my eyes off her. I found the film gloriously seductive, and a perfect Film Noir Classic to be placed right up there with Laura (1944) and Sunset Boulevard (1950). And please please download, or at least listen to, her version of Put the Blame on Mame. Love that.

I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke and Laura
All right, so call me a little slow on the uptake, but I just discovered the band Pas/Cal...well, I had heard a couple of the songs off their original EP from back in 2002, (don't we all remember I Wanna Take You Out in Your Holiday Sweater?), but this time around I actually bought the whole album and love love loved it. Lyrics include, "You've got a tripped up stutter and a stripped down hairdo like your mother's only sister, who was never known to be a looker."
Yeah, I like them.

The Book of Genesis
From angels to demons, to forbidden fruits, to murder, to floods, and beyond. The first book of the Bible just reads like a crazy novel! And once I start reading I can't put it down.

Being active means staying active, so this month I decided to start jogging every day.
Jogging has so many benefits, both physical and mental, like stronger core muscles and reduction of overall anxiety. I think that this decision is one of the best I've made for myself. Ever.