21 November 2010


[Friendly donkey. Saint German des Angles, France.]

What's wrong with feeling young and restless.

Taking 2 hour naps on someone else's front lawn
and not wanting to settle down until you
don't feel so wild anymore
or wanting to speak a different language for a while
because then maybe things would start to make a little more sense.

What's wrong with telling lies just to be nice--
"I love that sweater on you."
And learning that people are just people
all over--everywhere
and that they all expect nothing less
and want nothing more
than to be loved.

How about walking everywhere
because driving is so 2005
and then knowing that your feet are going to hurt after
all that walking.

What's wrong with never finding the one song
that says just what you're feeling
so writing your own, but never showing anyone
and maybe singing it to yourself
after everyone has gone to bed.

What's wrong with just feeling free:
Calling someone and hanging up
Throwing water balloons at a stranger
Driving a little too fast
Eating two pieces of cake.

Because, after all, aren't we all just kids?


Emily said...

love it claire! especially the part about throwing water balloons at strangers...or not so strange. well, i could chalk myself up as strange.

Claire said...

Thank you, Em!