06 December 2011

Just like Dad used to say.

Growing up in the essentially winter-less confines of Orange County, the question "should I bring a sweater?" was merely one uttered casually while skipping out the door into a 55 degree winter day. But here, in a high-desert, above sea-level climate, this question (edited slightly) is one of grave importance.
Here it would come out more like, "should I bring another coat?" or "are two sweaters enough?"

While getting dressed this morning and pulling on that fourth pair of tights, I was reminded of something my Dad used to say: "Don't be ashamed to be warm!" And after trekking about the city on this lovely 17 degree Tuesday, I'd just like to thank him. Because, after donning literally ten layers of clothing, I remained comfortably warm as snow brushed my cheeks and my breath billowed in clouds about me. Dad, you were right. And I wasn't ashamed.

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teachers said...

Thermal tights are on the way, my love. Happy St. Nick's Day! <3 M.