03 December 2011

It's officially winter.

There was snow on the ground and everything this morning!
Had a nice day off (a rarity these days) today. Met up with some classmates for a little study session this morning, then went over to Corrales with Beth, James and the kids for the annual St. Nicholas light parade and bonfire. Such a lovely time. The locals decorate their cars and tractors with Christmas lights and drive down main street while the rest of us watch from the sidelines. We were lucky to make friends with a group who had a small bonfire and we roasted marshmallows and drank cocoa during the parade. Annnd then it started to snow.
Afterward everyone headed over to a HUGE bonfire behind the Corrales community center and the children were able to see Santa and tell him their Christmas wishes. Megan was too shy to talk to Father Christmas, but Katy asked for a Strawberry Shortcake doll and Nathaniel asked for a pair of pants(?). Haha. I love them.

Anyway, here's dress number three!
There are many more layers here than meet the eye..

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LEAH said...

Pants? I love those kidlets too much.