01 December 2011

Is it me or does it feel like Dressember in here?

Well here I am, saying yes to the dress! Thanks to Blythe Hill and the lovely gaggle of ladies who have participated in past years, I am ready to accept the challenge of wearing a dress every single day in December.
I admit, though, I'm a little daunted by the task. Especially living in the insanely fickle climate that is Albuquerque, NM. And the fact that I am currently sitting at my desk shivering! Hence, expect to see a lot of skinny jeans under these dresses, folks. Just a warning.
Also: how do you fix your hair for 70 mph winds?!

All rightyyy, here goes. Let the dresses begin!


LEAH said...

Our apartment looks good.

LEAH said...

..and you look good too!

emmma said...

Your apartment does look good!! You have a fireplace??