22 September 2010

France, Adventure No. 12

Well, France has thus far welcomed me with open arms! I have simply fallen in love with the architecture, the fashion, the food and the overall feeling of this beautiful country.

While Paris is probably one of my favorite places ever, Versailles (where I'm living) has its own charm and definitive vibe. From the extravagance of the Chateau de Versailles to the more organic feel of the Place du Marché at Notre-Dame, this city has something to offer every kind of tourist, or even temporary citizen.

My favorite part just may be the boulangeries and patisseries that stand at attention on nearly every street corner, tempting me with their delightful delicacies. Glistening tarte aux pommes, savory quiche lorraines and buttery croissants, to name just a few.
Every morning the lines are out the door as the locals hustle out laden with baguettes and delicate pastries wrapped in decorative tissue paper or in small cardboard boxes.

I guess all I'm saying is that if I come home with about 20 extra pounds on me...don't be surprised.

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LEAH said...

I love this I love this I love this! So glad you are there and indulging in all of that delicious FRENCHNESS! But I MISS YOU.