13 July 2010

For Your Little, Listening Ears..

I was in a frenzy for some new jams last week, and came upon Bishop Allen's latest album. Yes it came out early last year, so many of you may be lovin it already, but,
I liked it.
These guys have been making pretty classy indie pop since the early 2000s, but their record, Grrr...(2009), is quite fantastic. Every song has something wonderful to offer, and most of them have that catchy quality that makes you feel like, "Hey, I know this song!"
And the icing on the cake: the two core members, (they rotate musical collaborators to achieve a unique sound on each track), Justin Rice and Christian Rudder, started this project while living together after attending Harvard University.
Harvard, it's NBD.

I love these fools.

Check out the whole Grrr... album right away!

I am particularly fond of True or False, The Ancient Commonsense of Things, and The Lion and the Teacup.


Heather said...


Bishop Allen... dope, just checked them out and I'm off to get the album! My ears are delighted.

spanks, pretty thing!

Claire said...

Yeah girl!!!
Jew are welcome!