05 May 2010

April Appreciation.

Just some of the things that got me through the month of April.

Contra, Vampire Weekend

This album played non-stop in my car for 4 weeks. Maybe longer. Okay, maybe it's still playing. My personal favorites? White Sky and Horchata. Give it a listen, and join the Obsessed With Contra Club. We meet on Wednesday nights..

Long shorts.

Found these ones at Hurley.com. Roll em once or twice and they look so so good. And they're the most comfortable shorts on the planet.

Red hair.

After obsessing since forever, I have finally officially darkened my locks to a light...orangy-red.
Just call me Ginger.

Anis Mojgani.

First heard this guy probably three years ago, but recently started listening to and reading his stuff again. He writes some of the most beautiful poetry I've ever heard. Youtube Shake The Dust. And get ready to get goosebumps.


Heather said...
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Heather said...

you´re hair is red?

i want pictures

emmma said...

you dyed your hair???!??

pictures now!

(I know Heather's post said the exact same thing, just wanted to make sure you got the message)