16 February 2010

A conversation of great importance.

HER: So...are you cool with how things are right now?
HIM: My day was pretty empty. I watched an old movie that I love and found out I don't even like it anymore.
HER: With us, I mean. Are you OK with it?
HIM: I am a pigeon of Capistrano...or is it a swallow? I can never remember anything about birds. Those damn swallow-pigeons are determined. They fly across the ocean holding sticks in their beaks so they'll have a place to land on the water.
HER: I've been thinking about you a lot. I miss you.
HIM: My leg just fell asleep. I've been sitting on it this whole time. I shouldn't do that anymore. I think permanent damage could probably be done if that kind of behavior is repeated often enough.
HER: I miss us. I want to know if you could ever give me another chance?
HIM: I used to have style, but I threw out all my scarves and the snarky shoes that I kept in a box at the foot of my bed. I feel depleted in a vain sort of way.
HER: Well, I want you to know that if you are willing to give us a second chance, I'm willing too.
HIM: A lot of people think that colors are just colors...but color is actually light reflecting off different surfaces. This is the kind of stuff we learn in school these days. How is that information supposed to assist my growth as a human?
HER: I could be falling in love with you.
HIM: My Mom told me once that she loved me as big as the sky. But seriously, that's not even possible. I mean, no one even knows how big the sky is. It's ridiculous to compare love to something you're not even sure of. She should have said, 'I love you as big as my car', or 'I love you as big as this sandwich.' Unless, of course, this love she's talking about is in fact too big for her to measure. I hadn't thought of that before.
HER: I think I love you as big as the sky.
HIM: What? Did you say something? Could you repeat the question?


emmma said...

Like it. A lot.
liked your VALENTINE even more.
Call me?

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