27 January 2010

Two Girls Who Took a Trip.

It happened just last week. Heather and I decided rather spur of the moment to pay a visit to Leah out in New Mexico! But little did we realize that the worst storm since El Nino was descending upon us.
We began our journey round about noon on Monday 18 January. We were supposed to return that Friday to attend a play we'd already purchased tickets for. We didn't return until the following Tuesday morning at 2am.

Here are a few of our adventures

or perhaps I should say misadventures:

The 6 inches of snow that covered Flagstaff. We were stuck there overnight because we were much too scared to drive in the blizzardly mess we happened upon. We were grateful to have a friend-of-a-friend in town. (Although she did get us lost in the snow three times.)

The old man at the meteor crater who was rather rude, because he thought we were being rude.
We just think it's silly to charge 15 dollars to see a natural phenomenon. We're gonna go find our own crater and look at it for free. Thanks.

Finding THE COOLEST used bookstore in downtown Albuquerque, Birdsong Used Books. I'm a little jealous that you can go whenever you like, Leah. Especially because they have a designated LOTR section. Just perfect.

Hitting a rock and ripping open the oil pan of our oh-so-NOT-sturdy Saturn Ion while heading down the 60 West.
"Why didn't you girls stick to the Interstate?" You ask.
Well, I guess we're just more adventurous than you thought.

Globe. OH, GLOBE!
Getting stuck in room 108 of Globe's Knight's Inn for 2 and a half days was definitely memorable. Our favorite part might have been when the roof of the mechanic shop our car was in COLLAPSED. Or maybe how we didn't find out there was actually a DOWNTOWN until the end of our second day. Globe is now a verb, by the way. As in, "You just got Globed."

We do have to say, though. For all the grief it caused us, the 60 really has some great scenery.

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